What is Happ.io?

Happ.io is a new, cool product that enables people at work to boost their culture and change their organization, starting from the bottom.

What is the Fuckup wall?

Sharing fuckups is a way to share they key learnings that come with failure, and up-voting them is an additional positive reinforcement from the team to indicate how helpful that story was in avoiding additional mistakes, time and money loss.

How does the Fuckup Wall work?

You can share your story, upvote stories and project the wall on a large TV screen.

What is Full Screen mode for?

Full Screen mode is designed to be displayed on TVs and large screens in the team's open space. It will be alternating the splashing of each fuckup, attracting the attention of people who walk around.

How can I invite other team members to join our wall?

Just send them the link and they can sign up with their corporate email or Slack. Only people from your company will be able to join.

Is our wall shared with other companies?

No, it's private to your organization. If you are signed in as john@acme.com, only people with an @acme.com email address will be able to see your wall. We will not share your company's info with anyone else.

Sharing fuckups sounds like negative feedback, doesn't it?

Au contraire, giving visibility to individual and team experiences is always a positive thing to do. Refer to the questions above to see what are the advantages

At our company we don't use this kind of language

We respect that, and we have a non-explicit version, replacing every instance of the f-word. Simply click on the wall's title to toggle the explicit version off.

What is the order of the fuckups on the wall?

Most upvoted and new fuckups will be placed on top, you can always scroll down to see all the other ones.

Why the feature I want is not there?

The ability to edit stories on the wall is on its way, alongside with many other features. If you have any feature ideas, or issues please just contact us at hello@happ.io and we'll make the magic happen.